Welcome to Sabanea!

We are a family business and as such we work in an artisanal way, with a reduced production, pampering each product and respecting the origin and process of the same.

Therefore, our suppliers are companies that respect the environment and provide us with high quality raw materials, which are adapted to our way of thinking and lifestyle.

In turn, we work with a local sewing, cutting and tailoring workshop. It is a cooperative with extensive experience in the sector who are also very committed to people who have more difficulty getting a job. Therefore, they collaborate with several foundations to ensure that people at risk of social exclusion and with difficult access to the labour market can earn a living in a healthy, respectful working environment, with living and equal wages.

We invite you to know our products and support our cause in this way.

Our philosophy

- Certified organically sourced raw materials:

The most noticeable difference between organic cotton and normal cotton is that cotton is grown without the use of harmful pesticides.

Traditional cotton is responsible for nearly 25% of all chemical pesticides used in agriculture, and nearly 50% of the textile market uses cotton. This means that a lot of chemicals are seeping into our land.

Inevitably, over time, this increases greenhouse gases and the likelihood of contamination of the same soil that our children's vegetables can grow. This is a BIG problem.

To be considered 100% organic, cotton must comply with a very strict approval process.

The certifier has approved every step of the process from cotton to finished products. The process starts from the moment the cotton is grown, to how the cotton is transported to the mill, how it is milled, how it is bleached with oxygen-based bleach (without chlorine), how the cotton is printed with low-impact dyes, and must also meet a standard of fair working conditions set by the International Labour Organization (ILO).

At the end of the process, a certificate is provided to ensure that all of these standards have been met and approved.

We believe that with proper care, organic cotton will actually last longer than traditional cotton because it has not been subject to chemicals such as formaldehyde and other metals, which inevitably alter the quality of cotton.

Most importantly, the products you are buying for yourself and your family are precious and safe for our planet.

- Sustainable shipping:

We have recently replaced cardboard boxes with bags made from corn starch, fully biodegradable and compostable.

It is a material that decomposes completely into natural elements. In addition to leaving no trace of toxicity in the ecosystem, it provides a large number of nutrients to the soil.

Free of plastics, manufactured with clean air policies and ethical contracting.

Resistant to water, dust and perforations... there can be no greener shipment than ours!

- Low impact dyes:

Unfortunately, due to the chemical formulation of the dyes, it is practically impossible to reduce this impact to zero, although in these cases we are very close to achieving that magical figure.

In its composition play the leading role those compounds that, when used, do not generate waste that accumulates in the environment, so that neither plants, nor animals, nor the atmosphere, are affected by them.

This ecological factor of dyes with low environmental impact, which we use in all the fabrics we use, is palpable both in the production process and in the use and discarding.

In fact, when our products end their useful life, it is possible to recycle and destroy them causing minimal damage to the environment.

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